Farewell, Sarah Palin

There’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon where he convinces Elmer Fudd to act like a grizzly bear. As Elmer jumps around on all fours growling and snarling, Bugs stands in lower right corner of the screen, calmly flipping through a stack of flashcards: Screw(+)ball; Crack(ed) Pot; Drip(ping faucet); (Wal)Nut…

Whenever Sarah Palin talks these days, you look for Bugs Bunny in corner with his flashcards.

Her farewell address as governor was Palin at her incoherent, self-congratulatory best. Her obsession with the media and “the troops” may be the product of the astute political instincts that many friends and foes attribute to her, or just her megalomania. Since initially making Palin a legend in her own mind, the media has had the temerity to report things she doesn’t like, and she has a son serving in the military. With Palin, it’s always about her.

Palin’s parting shot at the media -“How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin’ things up?” – dripped with far more unintended irony than the intended condescension. Palin is the one “makin’ things up,” according to Andrew Sullivan’s list on The Atlantic’s website.

I’d suggest that the media give Citizen Palin her wish in spades and simply quit payin’ attention to the ex-governor and her “whole big diverse full and fun family.” Let’s see how well Palin’s delusions of grandeur and her big ticket speaking engagements hold up without the oxygen of publicity.

Totally globalized native New Yorker and former broadcast news producer Muhammad Cohen is author of Hong Kong On Air, a novel set in his adopted hometown during the 1997 handover about television news, love, betrayal, financial crisis, and cheap lingerie.


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