About Muhammad Cohen

Totally globalized Muhammad Cohen was born in New York City, served as a US diplomat in East Africa, masqueraded as a city planner in Queens, and wrote about baseball in the Bronx, Washington and Baltimore before moving to Hong Kong more than a decade ago.

Cohen got his big break in TV news when he called CNN for a job the day bullets began flying in Gulf War I. In 1995, Cohen came to Hong Kong for six months to assist the startup of CNBC Asia; he stayed and became a Hong Kong permanent resident in 2004. In Hong Kong, Cohen has also worked as an editor at Bloomberg News, The Hong Kong Standard and South China Morning Post, as well as Asia regional communications manager for a US multinational.

A graduate of Yale and Stanford’s Creative Writing program, Cohen’s work on business, politics, media and culture in Hong Kong and Asia has appeared in Time, Columbia Journalism Review, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Slate and Salon. His fiction has been published in Asia Literary Review, the Hong Kong Writers Circle’s Love and Lust collection, and Bristol Journal. Cohen also edited The Poker Face of Wall Street (John Wiley & Sons, 2006) for author Aaron Brown. Hong Kong On Air coverCohen is currently a special correspondent for Macau Business, columnist for Asia Times and The Guardian, and author for Lonely Planet, including the inaugural Lonely Planet Guide to Borneo and the ninth Lonely Planet Guide to Indonesia.

Hong Kong On Air, a tale of the 1997 handover, television news, love, betrayal, high finance and cheap lingerie published by Blacksmith Books, is Cohen’s first published novel. The book is available through the internet as well as in bookstores throughout the US and Hong Kong. One reviewer praises Hong Kong On Air as “the great American Hong Kong handover novel.” Cohen has given readings in Hong Kong, New York, at the Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival, and the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in Bali, where he also blogged for LonelyPlanet.com.

Twenty reasons Barack Obama stinks, posted on this blog in October 2010, received the most votes for the 3QuarksDaily.com 2010 Prize in Politics and was selected as a finalist for the award.

Since the late 1980s Cohen has taught writing academically and to working professionals. Combining his experience in the classroom and corporate communications with his multicultural perspective, he developed Writing Camp, interactive seminars that help writers at every skills level communicate more effectively.

Born Jewish and married to a Muslim princess, Cohen addresses religious and civic groups on “Muhammad Cohen’s Jewish Identity” and works with New Foundations for Peace as a global advisor to build bridges between Muhammads and Cohens.

4 Responses to “About Muhammad Cohen”

  1. Enver Masud Says:

    Read your article on Macau, and was curious about your name — interesting.

  2. Sun. renfei Says:

    very interesting ,,,will keep following your works…thanks…

  3. JG Says:

    How long did it take you to discover that?

    A. When I saw the return stream, I knew it was a fraud in five minutes. [My boss and colleagues] thought it was real. They said it was sour grapes, I was jealous. But I wasn’t. I knew my math. His performance line went up at a 45-degree angle; that only exists in geometry class. It was clearly impossible. Having my boss question my math ability got underneath my skin.

    this is not credible there are dozens of funds with very similar returns and volotility and 45degrees chart means nothing because the shape of a chart is based on how you decide to make it especially if it is a line

    it is an insult to 65bl investors that lost everything to say that it was just a matter of 5 minutes of his brain functioning at his best !

    Markopolos should tell the true story on who tipped him on this fraud…. also he should tell the people he helped to pull the money out.

    it seems that nobody cares to concentrate on all those thousands of investors who pulled their money out before the 11th of december.

    they are for sure laying very low

    who ever pulled the money out knowing that it was a fraud of having evidence to substantiate this are responsible of collusion!

    you are right when you ask yourself why Markopolos never went to the police ……

    the story of a fraud uncovered in 5 minutes it is just too puzzling and not credible.

  4. Julie Huang Says:

    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    I read your recent article about freedom in Singapore on Asia Times Online, so I wanted to reach out to share this video about the jailing of Singapore’s Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

    The video was produced by the Taiwanese-based media company, Next Media Animation, and is titled: “Sinagpore Jails Outspoken Party Chief.”


    Feel free to post the video. Just please remember to credit “Next Media Animation.” If you have feedback, please email.



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